Saturday, January 11, 2014

What do you focus on

Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

A lot of things happen in our daily lives. Some are good, some are bad. Jesus did not promise us life without troubles. However, He promised us victory and even when bad stuff comes our way we will come out of it as winners. Unfortunately, we do not see much of that in most of our lives. Why is that? I believe our focus on the ‘wrong stuff’ keeps us on the losing side. We think about our weaknesses, troubles, problems, losses, failures and etc. and we stay in those things indefinitely. Why? Whatever we focus on grows. By focusing on the negative things we magnify them and they overwhelm us. We become victims of our own thinking. 

I want to repeat myself that I do not deny the fact that we constantly experience troubles. I want to say that our focus helps or hinders us to get from ‘the bad’ to ‘the good’. If you meditate on the negative side, that stuff takes a firm grip on you and does not let you to break free. 

Let’s assume you have lost your work and are unable to find any at the moment. What do you focus on and what are your expectations? Do you beat yourself up, think how hopeless you are, be desperate and see only doom and gloom, or you still find ways to enjoy life, have hope and expect bright future. Your thinking will determine how you feel and this really makes a difference. You can be in trouble for a considerable period of time and still enjoy life, because your attitude determines whether you are happy or not, and not the circumstances you are in. If you think you are a victim of your circumstance and only when they change you will be happy you will be disappointed. Circumstances will change, but they will not change you. You will stay the same. And if you were unhappy during troubled times you will not be happy during good times, because your focus will be the same. You will find things to be unhappy about. 

If you are ill and situation does not change or even gets worse you still have to look for positive things to make you feel better, have fun and enjoy life. Disease is not your cross to be carried. Think about God’s love and that one day your trouble will be over. Believe for a miracle and for the time being find courage to laugh at your problems. If you have joy during hard times you are a more than a conqueror. If you have joy, you are a winner.

Change your focus now. Find the silver lining now. When things get better you will be even happier then. If you do not change, a change in circumstances will not bring about a desirable change. Love God and expect good things to happen and God Himself will work for the good of you. Just be sure to think right.
Happy New Year! I wish you the most blessed year you have ever had.