Friday, July 20, 2012

Should Christians read Bible daily

All people base their lives on some principles. Some are liberals and claim that they do not have any morals and they do not try to follow somebody’s ideas or to depend on some guru’s teachings. They believe that they are original and declare that they are the lords of their lives. However, if you looked more closely at what they say and how they think you will find that their thoughts are not original and they come from somewhere. They did read something, liked it and took it as their own. They start building their lives on those ideas and follow them. 

Christians found those principles in the Bible. However, I do not think reading your Bible daily is a question of ‘should’, but a question of ‘why do I do it’. Whenever I start reading the Book in a very orderly way (book after book) I often lose inspiration and meaning of what I am doing. Although I have been reading it for around twenty years daily I must admit that inspiration is not often there. 

In those times I tend to go back to some spontaneous reading and list through passages and chapters that I particularly like. And you should remember it is not said (in the Bible) how many chapters and in what order you have to read every day. You decide that. 

Anything that we read, listen or watch makes an influence. Especially, if you do it regularly! Maybe you will not notice that in the beginning, but it the long run it will transform your life for good or for bad. It works both directions. Writers, speakers, film and show makers share their ideas, values and beliefs with you. When you read, listen and watch you do not influence those who give information for you. But they do influence you as you are the receiver. So, you either ignore the information or accept it. But if you are in the position of the receiver daily, it will have impact. 

You will absorb the values and beliefs of those people. That is how mentality of our generation was formed. Mass media, entertainment industry and celebrities formed that. 

The same happens when you read the Bible. It forms you. It shapes your beliefs if you read it long enough. You start associating yourself with the information and the values that are presented there. You are finally transformed. So, what do you want? If you want to be ‘like Christ’ (real meaning of a Christian) you should read it daily. If not, you will not do it anyway. 

God bless you.

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