Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I do not like old kjv Bible

It may sound pretty radical for the fans of old kjv Bible, but I do not really like it. Some fanatically believe that it is the real true and inspirational version of the real word of God. I could not agree less. If you wanted to read 100 percent exact version of the word you would have had to live in each period of history when each separate book was written and record exact words in exact context.  This is, of course, impossible. 

However, I and I hope you would not doubt authenticity of the Holy Bible despite the fact that there are so many versions of it. Now, what makes me unhappy about the version and often quotations from it during sermons is that we live in a modern world with a language that modern world speaks. You use the language at home with your spouse, children, parents, brothers and sister, you use it at work, you use it in a shop, club and wherever you go. 

And now, all of a sudden you come to God and you have to listen to His word in old English. It is so contrary to the very Spirit of the Book. In the Old Testament God would come to his people, in generation after generation: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and etc. and spoke in THEIR language. 

So, why would He speak to us in some weird language now? God transcends time and He does not change in his nature, but He always speaks to any generation in it’s’ language. This is something He is flexible about.
I am not crazy about the issue. But I think using this version of the Word is simply weird. It is one of the things that is external and has no influence for our salvation. But in terms of reaching this generation I believe we have to be more flexible with the way we communicate the message of the Gospel. And, unfortunately, Old King James Bible is not the best choice for doing this. 

Ok, I hope you understand my point here. I also believe that old kjv lovers will not get mad at me. Let us forgive one another. God bless you.

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